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Coaching services designed to achieve goal sucess while maintaining a focus on increasing the level of enjoyment in your racing sailing activities. Onboard coaching/prosail available. Specializing on Junior Sailing coaching from the coachboat and shoreside


Experienced and proven results

Experienced racing sailing coaching for over 40 years. Have coached and competed in multiple World and Continental level events. Proven junior coaching experience in Opti, 420, Laser and Highschool racing disciplines. 2018 J24 National Champion. High School Coach at SSA in Annapolis and Coaching Consultant for Davis Island Youth Sailing and others. Prosail experience with proven success


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Develop racing sailing skills amoung our client base with a focus on elevating enjoyment of activity. Through maximizing the level of enjoyment our sailors have a high degree of productivity of time spent training and racing. This productivity lends to expedited development of racing skills

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Expert Junior Program Coaching in all disciplines

Custom coaching packages

Onboard prosails services

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North Sails representation

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Acting as contracting coach to Lauderdale Yacht Club, Severn Sailing Association, and Davis Island Yacht Club and others to develop junior sailing racing programs

Scheduled to race J24 Midwinters, Nationals, Downeast Regatta in Maine and the 2019 World Championships


Travis Carlisle

Junior Program Director at Severn Sailing Association

Robby Brown is a hard and dedicated worker. He always puts the kids first and wants them to get as much out of the sport as possible. He has a vast knowledge of how the sport works and has an excellent working relationship with them as well as myself. He always is willing to go the extra mile for SSA to improve upon our sailing program here. He has never been late and always checks in before practice to make sure every other coach including himself understand what the practice/game plan for the day is and what it is going to accomplish.

Keith Carew

Head of Parents Junior Board

Severn Sailing Association

Robby Brown has worked for us at Severn Sailing Association foryears. He is an excellent sailor, having won many high-levelcompetitions. He is very conscientious and hard working. Robbyhas a laid back approach and works well with other coaches andstaff. He is great with the kids and adults alike.

Arthur Blodgett

Lauderdale Yacht Club Director of Coaching

Head Opti and High School Sailing Coach 2014-present 

Eckerd College Class of ’09

Cell: 812 325-1137 

To Whom it May Concern, 

I am writing to recommend Robby Brown as a professional sailing coach. I have known Robby since the Fall of 2007 and feel uniquely qualified to comment on his abilities and approaches - he has been my College Sailing Coach, my skipper and teammate in the J24, and a highly successful guest coach with the top level Optimist and High School programs I run at Lauderdale Yacht Club. 

There are 3 things that set Robby apart as a sailing coach: He treats everyone with maturity and respect, he is a great, plainspoken communicator on key sailing topics, and he is a super talented sailor - one of the best of his generation - who has the knowledge and proper priorities to help sailors ascend in any fleet. 

The first point is both critical and underrated - Robby coaches sailors in a way that is sustainable and supports them as people as well as sailors. He never talks down to sailors or yells at them, giving them his respectful insights regardless of their level. This approach payed huge dividends when Robby coached my High School Team from St. Thomas Aquinas through the 2018 season. When I knew I would be unavailable for the District Qualifiers due to International Opti Coaching commitments, we sought out Robby and made a plan for him to be the high school ‘regatta coach’ throughout the season. Robby quickly built a great report with the High Schoolers coaching them at South Points events and for 1 week in practice. The STA team was 6th overall for the year in the South-Points Series, but under Robby’s tutelage sailed out of their minds at the District Championship to Qualify for High School Nationals in the super competitive SAISA district. Robby’s mature, calm approach put the kids at ease and helped them peak at the right time and achieve a result no-one outside the team thought possible. 

Robby is an excellent communicator and will take the time to listen and make sure sailors understand the point he is making. Like other true top coaches, he does not over-complicate things or try to impress with his knowledge - the goal is that the student understands and can actualize the knowledge in the very next race or practice! 

Sailing is different than sports like football or basketball in that the coach’s ability matters - Robby can offer more than most coaches based on his own sailing skill alone and the understanding that comes with it. Robby has been a top sailor in the country since he grew up sailing Optis in Miami. In 1984 he was runner up College Sailor of the Year and an All-American at the Naval Academy, and he has been winning races in one-designs ever since; in J24’s, Thistles, VX1, Flying Scott, Etchells and other classes. It also helps at regattas (when diplomacy may be necessary) that all the other coaches know and respect Robby! 

I experienced the benefit to students of Robby’s high level ability first hand when, in 2008-2009 I saw my Collegiate Sailing results jump to the point where I was named my schools first All-American Honorable Mention. Eckerd College sailing saw its peak (Ranked 10th in the Nation, only All Americans to date) with Robby Brown coaching. Tactical patterns and moves, as well as knowledge on reading the wind and current that Robby helped me learn to see were instrumental. 

I have seen Robby make a difference with sailors of all ages. At Lauderdale Yacht Club we have had the top Opti program (Ages 10-15) in the country the past 4 years, winning 4 Team Trials, 3 Team Race Nationals, 2 Fleet Race Nationals and 3 Orange Bowls. Robby has been a reoccurring guest regatta coach with us, coaching a great effort at the 2018 Team Trials that saw 10 LYC Sailors make the National Team. We seek him out to coach the Valentines Regatta in his home of St. Petersburg, FL every year, and have had good results the last 2 years. Beyond the leaderboard, I have heard feedback from a number of our young sailors that they enjoy having Robby as a coach. I think what they appreciate that he treats them like adults,and gives them tools and knowledge that helps them to reach their goals! 

I strongly recommend Robby to Yacht Clubs, Teams or individuals looking to improve their sailing through practices, clinics or regattas! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!


Arthur Blodgett

Speed Merchant. That's what comes to mind when someone says, "Robby Brown." Get him on a boat and its kind a transcendent, really. Like he's whispering to the sails and the rig. Robby has crewed for me on multiple top-level Etchells regattas, including the recent Worlds in Newport. He's diligent, affordable, professional and just damn fast. I'm a fan!

Alan Kelly Etchells Class Skipper

Robby is a wonderful sailor and friend. We have sailed together on Etchells, Shields and J-Boats for years. His particular skill set is in tactical side of sailing but he is knowledgeable in boat set up, trim and in general running the boat. He has also helped a great deal with logistics where I have been otherwise busy with work.

I am happy to discuss Robby's qualifications further if desirable.

Peter Sulick

Vice President at ESA Scheda

September 6, 2016, Sandy was a client of Robby’s

I have known Robby for several years, and he brings integrity and a Corinthian spirit of good sportsmanship, and team attitude to all aspects of racing, business, and life. His sailing resume is outstanding and reveals decades of dedication and success, and his mentoring approach adds substantial value to any racing program or team he is associated with - just observe, listen and learn!


Continue to develop racing sailing services for the junior sailing segment of the industry. We are working to develop client base for concentrated coaching working with small group junior sailors at major regatta opportunities

Entertain opportunities to provide focused prosail coaching to a select group of one design racing teams in small keel boat, large fleet racing

New News

Robby Brown is entertaining relationships with Davis Island Youth Sailing, and Severn Sailing Association to develop that racing skills of the sailors in their junior activities and grow the community of sailors participating in their program

Email or call us to find out what Robby Brown Consulting can do to elevate you racing sailing game

It is always more enjoyable when you achieve your racing sailing goals and meet with sucess in your racing activities. Sailing is a sport and activity that we enjoy for a lifetime. Focus your time on enjoying what you do in your sailing program. Let us know how we can help. Please forward any questions that you have for quick service to making your next event more enjoyable and successful

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